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Main categories:

» Highbond-System FHB II
» Accessory for non-cracked concrete: RG MI (Internal threaded anchor)
» Highbond anchor FHB II-A S
» Accessory for solid brick masonry
» Highbond anchor FHB II-A L
» Accessory for perforated brick masonry
» Powerbond-System FPB
» Accessory for push-through installation masonry
» Superbond-System FSB
» Accessory for aerated concrete
» Superbond RSB and RG M
» Highbond anchor dynamic FHB dyn
» Superbond RSB and RG MI
» UMV multicone dynamic bonded anchor
» Superbond Mortar FIS SB
» Rebar connections
» Accessory for cracked concrete: FIS A
» Stand-off installation Thermax 12/16
» Accessory for non-cracked concrete: RG MI
» Remedial wall tie VBS 8
» Resin anchor R with threaded rod RG M
» Remedial wall tie VBS-M
» Resin anchor R with RG MI
» Weather facing reconstruction anchor FWS
» Injection mortar FIS V
» fill & fix static mixer
» Accessory for non-cracked concrete: FIS A (threaded rod)
» Concrete-Concrete Shear Connector FCC